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Bob Sapp, Star of Japanese MMA, Among Former NFL Players Tied to Steroids

We previously noted that the San Diego Union-Tribune has assembled a comprehensive list of current and former NFL players who have been tied to performance-enhancing drugs.

Many of the players on the full list are well known for their exploits on the gridiron, but one name will be more familiar to fans of mixed martial arts than to fans of football: Bob Sapp, who as an offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings in 1998 was suspended for four games for violating the NFL's policy on steroids and related substances.

Sapp quit football and went into kickboxing and MMA in Japan, where he became one of the biggest stars in a country that celebrates fights that American fans would view as freak shows. (A picture from one such freak show is above.)

The presence of Sapp on the list of athletes tied to performance-enhancing drugs is a reminder that while the UFC and other MMA promotions in the United States have worked with state athletic commissions to implement drug testing, Japanese MMA doesn't have the same standards.

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