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Live blogging DREAM 6 Middleweight GP Final

Welcome to MMAFighting dot com's live results of the DREAM 6 Middleweight GP Final Round at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

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The DREAM Middleweight GP Belt is on display in the middle of the ring.

The referees are being introduced to the crowd. Matt Hume is the one recognizable American face.

The opening ceremony begins. The arena's light is shut off and the whistle song from "Kill Bill" plays. The giant screen plays DREAM highlights to pump up the crowd.

PRIDE's signature screaming lady welcomes everyone to DREAM.6 and introduces each of the fighters participating on tonight's card.

#1 - Middleweight GP Reserve Bout: Dong Sik Yoon vs. Andrews Nakahara

The winner of this fight will step in the final if one of the semifinalists sustain an injury and cannot advance to fight. It's important to note, at DREAM's other GP tournament, Joachim Hansen won the lightweight GP championship as a reserve.

Nakahara walks out to Eminem's "Lose Yourself." Yoon is wearing his Judo gi.

It's karate (Nakahara) vs. Judo (Yoon)!

R1: Nakahara lands a leg kick, and Yoon rushes in to tie up. Nakahara lands a high kick and Yoon immediately rushes in to tie up. Yoon pulls Nakahara into guard. Yoon opens his guard, and Nakahara stands up. Nakahara backpedals and lands kicks. Yoon clinches, but Nakahara gets himself out. Nakahara continues to land leg kicks. Yoon clinches, but Nakahara throws a knee to separate. Yoon hits Nakamura and takes him down. Nakahara positions for an omoplata, but Yoon gets on top. Yoon stands up and jumps into Nakahara's guard with a missed Superman punch. Yoon advances to mount and attempts an Ezekiel choke (a gi choke). Yoon gives it up and peppers Nakahara with punches. Yoon tries it again. Yoon lands punches to Nakahara's head. Nakahara isn't trying to escape but he's doing a good job avoiding Yoon's chokes. Nakahara escapes and he's fired up. Nakahara lands more leg kicks. Yoon comes in but eats a knee. Nakahara sprawls and lands knees.

R2: Nakahara lands a leg kick. He knocks Yoon down, and grounds and pounds for the referee stoppage. Nakahara picks up his first win in MMA.

Nakahara wins via TKO - R2 (0:30)

#2 - Middleweight GP Semifinals: Melvin Manhoef vs. Gegard Mousasi

Manhoef has won his last five fights via TKO in the first round. Mousasi has won his last nine fights and seventeen of his last eighteen fights.

After given a last minute pep talk at the top of the stage, Manhoef does his signature dance. Manhoef, wearing a dog collar, is led to the ring by his coach.

R1: Mousasi shoots in and Manhoef tries to counter. Mousasi eventually puts Manhoef on the mat. Mousasi attaches body triangle on Manhoef's back. Mousasi takes mount and then rolls into a triangle choke. Manhoef picks up Mousasi and powerbombs him. Manhoef lifted Mousasi high on his shoulders, but Manhoef doesn't slam Mousasi down as hard as "Rampage" did to Ricardo Arona, and Mousasi taps out Manhoef with the triangle.

Mousasi wins via submission - R1 (1:28)

#3 - Middleweight GP Semifinals: Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza vs. Zelg Galesic

A smiling Galesic, or "Little Cro Cop," walks out to "Crawling" by Linkin Park. "Jacare" has an even more jolly entrance, doing festive hand claps walking down the ramp.

R1: Jacare jabs in and takes Galesic down. Galesic lands punches of his back. Jacare passes to side control, and works his way to mount. Galesic reverses but Jacare quickly slaps on an armbar for the win.

This one is a second shorter than Galesic-Manhoef. "Jacare" and Mousasi are going to both be well rested for their championship final fight.

Souza wins via submission - R1 (1:27)

#4 - Lightweight Bout: Keita Nakamura vs. Adriano Martins

R1: Martins attacks with a legkick. Nakamrara lands a straight punch. Martins knocks Nakamura down. Martins stands up and the referee stands Nakamura up. Nakamura clinches, and they trade knees to the thigh. The referee separates them and moves them to the middle of the ring. Martins nails Nakamura with punches. Nakamura puts Martins down and is in halfguard. Martins recomposes full guard. Nakamura grounds and pounds, but the punches don't look like they have much in them. The referee is calling for action. They trade punches. Martins cuts Nakamura. The doctor checks on Nakamura, who is bleeding from his left eye. The doctor checks on Nakamura and allows him to continue. Nakamura clinches, but they're separated for inaction. Nakamura lands jabs and he's content in doing just that. Nakamura clinches again, and they're separated. Nakamura lands straight punches and more jabs.

R2: Nakamura continues to stick jabs. They clinch, and they're separated again for not doing anything. Nakamura shoots and they clinch. Nakamura takes Martins down, but they're back up in clinch, leading to the referee breaking them apart. Nakamura lands consecutive jabs. Nakamura is going to win the decision soley with his jabs. Martins throws heavy but nothing is connecting. Nakamura clinches to kill rest of the remaining time in the round.

Nakamura wins via split decision

#5 - Heavyweight Bout: Sergei Kharitonov vs. Jimmy Ambriz

Ambriz took this fight on 3 days notice when "Mighty Mo" pulled out due to a back injury.

R1: Kharitonov sneaksin a punch that puts Ambriz down. Ambriz pops back up and works for a takedown. Kharitonov held on to the ropes to defend the takedown and he gets a yellow card for the offense. Kharitonov is looking for the knockout. He's outboxing Ambriz. Kharitonov stuns Ambriz with an uppercut and follows up with more strikes. Ambriz is hurt and taps out.

Kharitonov wins via submission - R1 (2:51)

#6 - Featherweight Bout: Hideo Tokoro vs. Atsushi Yamamoto

R1: Tokoro connects on punches. Yamamoto explodes with a punch combo and knocks down Tokoro. Tokoro works the rubber guard to avoid punishment. Tokoro looks for an armbar from full guard. Yamamoto stands up and runs off. They box. Yamamoto lands a solid jab. Yamamoto jumps in with a flying knee that Tokoro dodges. Tokoro hits a knee to the body to finish a punch combo. They clinch and Tokoro tries a jumping submission, but misses and ends up in guard. Yamamoto stands up and they resume boxing. Tokoro hits a legkick that causes Yamamoto to slip. Tokoro connects with a knee to the body from clinch. Yamamoto hits a hard shot that bloodies Tokoro's nose. Yamamoto lands a nice combo. Tokoro does a somersault kick into guard.

R2: They box. Yamamoto dances with his hands down. Tokoro tries the somersault kick again and it connects. Tokoro is in guard looking for a kimura. The doctor checks Tokoro again. They are restarted in the middle of the ring with Tokoro in guard. They pop up. Yamamoto shoots and takes down Tokoro. Yamamoto steps away, and they're back to boxing. Tokoro pulls guard, or is tripped. Tokoro reverses and steps over to apply an armbar. Yamamoto stacks Tokoro. Tokoro can't extend the arm to finish and he'll lose this one. Yamamoto does push ups after the fight.

Yamamoto wins via unanimous decision

#7 - Middleweight Bout: Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Masakatsu Funaki

Minowa's latest unique method of training was to work on his golf swing to prepare for this fight.

R1: Funaki's spin kick is caught and he's taken down. Funaki goes for a kneebar. Minowa rolls and Funaki switches to a foot lock for the win. As soon as the fight is over they smile at each other and hug. Funaki wins his first fight since 1999.

Funaki wins via submission - R1 (0:32)


Fedor Emelianenko says he would like to fight in Japan on New Year's Eve.

#8 - Welterweight Bout: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka

R1: Sakurai misses a punch and a spinning backfist. Sakurai lands a legkick and Hironaka answers. Hironaka shoots, clinches and takes down Sakurai. Sakurai teases a leglock that allows him to get back up to his feet. Sakurai lands combos and legkicks. Hironaka's legs are wobbly. Sakurai slips on a kick. Hironaka enters Sakurai's guard. Hironaka works ground and pound strikes. Hironaka stands up to deliver a punch. Hironaka stomps on Sakurai's mouth, and Hironaka is warned for attacking a downed opponent. Hironaka tries a takedown, but Sakurai stuffs it. Sakurai mixes up his strikes.

R2: Hironaka shoots and takes down Sakurai against the corner. Hironaka's arm goes outside the rope to punch at Sakurai. They are restarted in the middle of the ring on the ground. Hironaka grabs ahold of Sakurai's head, but Sakurai pushes off. Sakurai avoids a takedown and delivers more strikes. Hironaka is forced to shoot again. Sakurai reverses and takes Hironaka down. Sakurai misses a head kick as Hironaka escapes. Sakurai lands a punch combo. Hironaka answers with a punch. Sakurai defends a takedown. Sakurai is outstriking Hironaka. Sakurai hits Hironaka with knees. Sakurai knocks down Hironaka with a left hook. Sakurai goes for the ground and pound finish, but the round ends.

Sakurai wins via unanimous decision

#9 - Middleweight Bout: Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Masanori Tonooka

R1: Akiyama has a gi on with TV Guide patches. After allowing Tonooka to work punches, Akiyama picks up Tonooka and takes him down into side control. Akiyama tries to get the crucifx for ground and pound. Tonooka bucks but he can't escape. Akiyama takes mount. Akiyama carefully works to apply and armbar. Akiyama takes Tonooka's back instead. Tonooka escapes, and they're in clinch. Akiyama takes Tonooka down. Akiyama returns to carefully applying the armbar. He gets it now and Tonooka taps.

Akiyama wins via submission - R1

#10 - Lightweight Bout: Shinya Aoki vs. Todd Moore

Moore has JZ Calvan in his corner.

R1: Aoki slaps Moore with kicks. Aoki climbs the back of Moore and chokes him in the corner.

Aoki wins via submission - R1

#11 - Heavyweight Bout: Alistair Overeem vs. Mirko "Cro Cop"

R1:Overeem starts with a legkick. Cro Cop throws an inside legkick. They clinch and quickly separate. Cro Cop dodges an overhand. They clinch and tosses Cro Cop down into guard. Cro Cop does a decent job controling Overeem's arms, but he's still absorbing punches. The referee checks on Cro Cop's cut near his left eye. The fight is restarted with Cro Cop in guard. Overeem works on Cro Cop's body. Overeem opens up Cro Co's cut some more. The referee stands them up. Cro Cop lands a kick to the body. Cro Cop goes for the headkick, but it's caught. Overeem tosses Cro Cop down into his guard again. Overeem slamming right punches down to Cro Cop's face. The referee stands them up. Overeem hits knees from clinch. Cro Cop protests that one is low, but Overeem just storms in. They clinch, Overeem hits Cro Cop low and this time the referee allows time for Cro Cop to recover. They restart with 4:19 remaining. Overeem connects with more knees in clinch. Cro Cop is hit low again. Overeem gets a yellow card. Cro Cop is laying on his back and attended to by the medical staff. Cro Cop looks out of it, but he looks like he wants to continue. The fight is declared a no contest.

No Contest

#12 - Middleweight GP Finals: Gegard Mousasi vs. "Jacare" Souza

R1: Souza takes Mousasi down with a double-leg. Souza looks to pass. Mousasi lands an upkick that knocks out Souza.

Mousasi wins via knockout - R1 (2:15)

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