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Tatsuya Kawajiri launches 'The CRUSHER Project'

DREAM lightweight Tatsuya Kawajiri has launched a project to improve the image of mixed martial arts in Japan.

His ongoing series of events, the appropriately titled "The CRUSHER Project, will each have a theme. The first will take place at the Edogawa Sports Kaikan in Tokyo on Oct. 13, will encourage females to watch fights.

"When I compare MMA with other sports, MMA is not well known and it seems like it's struggling," Kawajiri said. "I would like to make MMA well known and attract more people. I suppose MMA is still considered to be nothing but violent for many people. Therefore I would like to improve the image of MMA through this project."

Kawajiri will show basic MMA and self-defense techniques, how to appreciate fights and a hold a Q&A session with the audience.