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Gina Carano: I'm Not a Violent Person; Fighting Is So Much More Than That

Gina Carano spoke this week at a public workout to promote her October 4 fight with Kelly Kobold, and MMA Rated was there:

"It's not that I'm a completely violent person and I like to hurt people. Fighting is so much more than just one person kicking the other's butt. It's so much more than that. It's the lifestyle and the training and the people."

Of Kobold, Carano said, "I know she's coming to fight. I've heard plenty of interviews of her talking."

Steve Cofield notes that because there are so few opportunities for female fighters, Carano may have an even greater stake in seeing EliteXC survive than its biggest star, Kimbo Slice.

Speaking of Kimbo, the MMA Rated video of his appearance at the same event is after the jump.

Kimbo mentions that he thinks he'll walk into the cage weighing about 250 pounds against Ken Shamrock on October 4. That's bigger than he was for his fight with James Thompson.