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Will EliteXC Stay in Business Long Enough to Go Pay-Per-View?

I've been told by EliteXC officials that they'd like to use their CBS mixed martial arts shows to turn fighters like Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano into big enough stars that they'd be able to headline pay-per-view shows.

But will EliteXC be in business long enough to get there?

Zach Arnold of writes today
about the two new SEC filings by Pro Elite (form 8k & form SC 13D) that discuss the company's financial details, and it's not a pretty picture. You have to wonder how much longer EliteXC will even be in business. Zach asks:
Will Showtime/CBS pull the trigger and purchase the assets of Pro Elite if the company financially fails soon? If CBS network executives do buy the assets and run their own MMA organization, it will be fascinating to see who they hire and who they would keep on-board to run the operations.
I'll be interested to see how CBS feels about EliteXC after the October 4 show. The real question about the show isn't whether Kimbo Slice will beat Ken Shamrock, or whether Gina Carano will beat Kelly Kobold. The real question is whether the show will get good enough ratings to make CBS view EliteXC as a valuable commodity.