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Nate Diaz Beat Josh Neer at UFC Fight Night Thanks to Working on His Judo

As I watched Nate Diaz beat Josh Neer in the main event of Wednesday's UFC Fight Night, I was impressed with the way Diaz incorporated judo throws into his game. Here's Diaz talking about that after the fight:

"I always work judo," Diaz said. "We go to judo class from time to time in San Francisco and people come to our gym all the time. We're doing judo just like we're doing wrestling. Not with a gi judo -- I mean, we do that, too -- but we're doing tosses and throws."

Said Diaz of Neer, "That guy is a better fighter than any guy I've been fighting. He's a better fighter than most guys in UFC because he fights. He's not one-dimensional, he's not here to quit, he fights to the end and he goes 100 percent the whole time."

After the jump, see another post-fight interview, this one with Houston Alexander.