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Good: Major Paper Covers UFC Fight Night Bad: What Fight Were They Watching?

I'm glad to see that the Vancouver Sun covered UFC Fight Night. The Sun is the seventh-biggest paper in Canada, and with the way mixed martial arts is so often ignored in the mainstream media, seeing a fairly large newspaper covering a UFC event is a step in the right direction.
But there's just one problem: Reading the Sun article, my initial reaction is, What the hell was Sun reporter Chris Parry watching?

The main event at Fight Night, in which Nate Diaz beat Josh Neer by split decision, was a great one. Bloody Elbow called it "a blast." Fox Sports praised the "back and forth action ... for all three rounds." The two fighters got $30,000 Fight of the Night bonuses for their efforts.

And then you've got the Vancouver Sun's account.

Under the headline, "UFC Fans Endure Thrill-Less Main Event," Parry writes, "At times, even the fighters seemed bored with the standstill the fight often became." Parry adds that "neither competitor should be happy with the fight" and "fans would also have struggled to call it anything close to exciting."

I'm truly baffled. I loved every minute of Diaz vs. Neer, and everyone I've heard from today agrees -- except Chris Parry at the Vancouver Sun. Maybe we're better off if newspapers don't cover MMA.