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Tito Ortiz: Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell Punch the Hardest of Anyone I've Fought

Tito Ortiz is asked about the hardest punch he's ever taken:

Tito picks two opponents: Wanderlei Silva, whom Ortiz beat by unanimous decision at UFC 25, and Chuck Liddell, who knocked Tito out twice, at UFC 47 and UFC 66.

That Q&A comes from one of a bunch of videos in which Mickey's asks interesting questions to MMA fighters. Much like Fight Linker, I think these are great videos, and I'll be posting a few of them. Another one with Tito, in which he tells us how much he can bench press, is after the jump.

"I gotta think about it because I don't bench pres for strength," Ortiz said. "I'm an endurance guy. The most I've ever benched is 375, when I was in college."

(For the record, Dana White can bench 315.)