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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Fedor Is Very Good But I'm the World Champion

This interview was conducted after Affliction: Banned, so it's a little dated now, but it's still worth seeing Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, one of the coaches on Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter, talking about the show and the state of the heavyweight division in mixed martial arts, as it stood on the night Fedor Emelianenko destroyed Tim Sylvia:

"Fedor is very good, he was very explosive tonight," Nogueira said after Fedor beat Sylvia, "but I'm the world champion."

Obviously, the situation has changed a bit now that Randy Couture is back in the UFC, and we'll go through the tournament with Couture fighting Brock Lesnar and Nogueira fighting Frank Mir before we know who the true UFC heavyweight champ is.

Nogueira also said Anderson Silva -- not Fedor -- is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

After the jump, another video interview with Nogueira, conducted on the same night.

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