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Clay Guida: 'Mac Danzig Has a Lot of Holes in His Game ... I Can Take Him Down at Will'

Clay Guida says he thinks Mac Danzig is going to be an easy opponent for him Wednesday night at UFC Fight Night:

"It's a textbook fight for me and my camp," Guida said. "Mac has a lot of holes in his game that we're going to be able to expose. His stand-up is not very straight-forward. ... I'm going to be able to take him down at will, work him against the cage, get past his guard and just drop some elbows."

Replied Danzig, "I guess that's a nice compliment he gave himself. I'm glad he thinks that."

I think Guida-Danzig is actually a better fight than the main event, which features Nate Diaz taking on Josh Neer. Another MSNBC video, featuring Diaz and Neer talking about their fight, is after the jump.

Videos via Bloody Elbow.