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Oscar De La Hoya: 'MMA Has Taken Off'

This video of Oscar De La Hoya talking about mixed martial arts was shot shortly before his company, Golden Boy Promotions, announced that it is joining forced with the Affliction mixed martial arts promotion. So it's a little bit dated in that respect, but it's interesting to hear what De La Hoya thinks about the sport:

"They've been doing a great job with marketing the fighters and getting the events out there," De La Hoya said of MMA. "Their strategies have been very admirable over the years. I think the sport has taken off in a way that we have to respect. The sport is creating tremendous atmospheres inside the arena and they're creating great spectacles when it comes to putting events together, so we admire them."

But the truth is, UFC is the only MMA organization that can really say it has put together a business model that works as far as marketing its fighters into stars who turn a profit for the company. De La Hoya is a smart guy and great businessman, and it's fine that he's involved in MMA now, but I'm not so sure that his presence will allow Affliction to duplicate the success of UFC.