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EliteXC Jake Shields-Paul Daley Video Will Make Everyone Who Sees It Want to Watch

I've been critical of EliteXC for not promoting Jake Shields and for being part of a really stupid Showtime promotion, so I should give credit where it's due and say this is a great promotional video for Shields' welterweight title fight against Paul Daley:

The fight is on October 4 on CBS, and EliteXC needs as many people as possible to see that video in the next three weeks, because everyone who sees that is going to want to watch the fight. I hope it will be shown during some CBS football games, although I'm not going to hold my breath.

Daley has beaten his last six opponents by knockout or TKO; Shields has won 10 in a row including five straight in the first round. This is the best fight on the October 4 EliteXC show, and it's EliteXC's job to make sure America knows about it.