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Showtime's 'Hits & Chicks' Boxing and MMA Commercial Is an Insult to Fans' Intelligence

This is just stupid:

That's the "Hits & Chicks" commercial that Showtime has posted to its official YouTube sports channel, and it's embarrassing to those of us who love boxing and mixed martial arts.

If Showtime wanted to appeal to fans' intelligence, it would celebrate the great athletes who fight on the network, like boxers Nate Campbell and Joan Guzman, who are meeting in a lightweight title fight on Showtime on Saturday night.

Instead, Showtime wants to appeal to the lowest common denominator, so it gives us a song about "busted ears" (a reference to the ugly result of the Kimbo Slice-James Thompson EliteXC fight) and "bodacious boobs."

I understand that ring card girls are a part of boxing and MMA. But HBO manages to promote its fights without telling us about the "bodacious boobs." Showtime should try doing the same.