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Affliction Books Fedor Emelianenko for January Show, Plans Major Announcement

When the news came down today that Affliction had canceled its October mixed martial arts show, I wondered whether the organization was about to go out of business.

But Affliction says it's got big plans for 2009, starting with a January show that will feature Fedor Emelianenko, widely considered the best heavyweight in MMA. And Affliction COO Michael Cohen told that he will make a major announcement in the next two weeks that will "change the dynamics of mixed martial arts. Not just nationally, but globally."

Cohen adds:
"Unlike others who call for a press conference for groundbreaking MMA news, the Affliction announcement will truly change the sport, and not through a toy deal.

"I wish I could give you more details," he said. "When you have a secret as a little kid and it's a good one, you want to go to the top of the playground and yell it out because everyone will pay attention. I'm like that little kid. This will be an amazing event."
I'll believe the "change the dynamics of mixed martial arts" thing when I see it, but I am glad to hear that Fedor will be fighting on American soil again soon. As long as Affliction has Fedor, Affliction is relevant.