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Rich Franklin stuck in limbo

Rich Franklin eased back into the 205-pound division Saturday at UFC 88 "Breakthrough" with a convincing with over Matt Hamill, but Franklin is still unsure how long he'll stay there.

Franklin, who ended Hamill's night in the third round with a left kick to the body, is still in the process of fully crossing over as a 205-pound fighter. Franklin was able to add weight to his frame but still carried less than 210 pounds come fight time.

"I know that if I'm going to stay at 205, I'm going to have to put some effort into putting on more weight," said Franklin after his fight against Hamill.

Franklin had been competing as a middleweight since June 2005, when he won the promotion's belt at UFC 53 "Heavy Hitters." He successfully defended the title twice before losing to Anderson Silva at UFC 64 "Unstoppable" in October 2007.

After losing to Anderson Silva for the second time in lopsided fashion a year later at UFC 77 "Hostile Territory," the UFC encouraged Franklin to return to the light-heavyweight division. A third fight with Silva didn't make sense, and the UFC was concerned with the possibly that Franklin could beat everyone else in the division, leaving no contenders for Silva.

For now, though, he'll see how it goes trying to match his strength against bigger opponents.

"If I can manage to put on a few pounds in between each fight," Franklin said. " And get myself where I need to be, at the same level and weight as the rest of the 205-pound fighters... Perhaps I can continue swimming with the sharks here."