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UFC 88: Karo Parisyan Wants to Do More Than Just Win vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Karo Parisyan, who will fight Yoshiyuki Yoshida on the undercard at UFC 88, says his approach to the fight is more than just grinding out a victory:

"People ask me, 'Do you care more if you give a good show, or do you just want to win?' I just love to give a good show to the crowd," Parisyan said. "If we have no fans, we have no fighters, we have no shows, we have no sport. So I've always said I'd rather give it a good show than do a boring fight and win the fight."

I think Parisyan's fight with Yoshida is an interesting matchup because of the judo background of both fighters, and I think the winner becomes a clear Top 10 welterweight. I was at UFC 84 when Yoshida put Jon Koppenhaver to sleep with an anaconda choke, and I like Yoshida's approach, but I think Parisyan is going to win the fight Saturday night.