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Chuck Liddell on Rashad Evans at UFC 88: 'I Plan on Striking, We'll See How He Responds'

Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans were both college wrestlers, and yet as their fight at UFC 88 approaches, I get the feeling that it's going to be mostly a stand-up battle. Evans' best chance is following the Keith Jardine game plan and throwing plenty of leg kicks, while Liddell says himself that he plans to strike, rather than wrestle. From
"I know Rashad is a good wrestler," Liddell continued. "And I think he will try to strike with me. I think he'll take some shots (for takedowns) once he gets hit by me a few times though. I don't tend to take any shots, so he won't have to show his takedown defense with me. I am planning on striking. We'll see how he responds."
I think Evans will respond by getting knocked out. Although Evans has never lost, he's never fought a guy who can throw a punch like Liddell can, and Liddell will show that even at age 38, he can still strike with the best of them.