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UFC 91 Brock Lesnar-Randy Couture Fight Discussed on MMA Live

Here's the latest installment of ESPN's MMA Live:

As you'd expect, the UFC 91 main event between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar dominated the discussion.

"We were all tired of being in litigation," UFC President Dana White said of the company's legal battle with Couture. "Finally it all worked out and Randy's back."

White also talked about Fedor Emelianenko, reiterating his belief that "Fedor's pretty much irrelevant, except to Randy."

The heavyweight limit is 265 pounds, and Lesnar mentioned that he walks around at about 275 to 280 pounds, and that he expects to gain about 12 pounds after the weigh-in of the Couture fight. So when they walk into the Octagon together, Lesnar will outweigh the 225-pound Couture by a little over 50 pounds.