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Kim Couture: Fighting Brock Lesnar Wasn't Randy's Idea, 'I Kind of Feel Sorry for Lesnar'

Kim Couture, the wife and business partner of UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, suggested in an interview with Steve Cofield that she doesn't think her husband is going to have any trouble beating Brock Lesnar -- even going so far as to say she feels sorry for Lesnar that he's fighting someone so much more experienced.

"That wasn't Randy's idea, trust me," Kim Couture said of the UFC 91 main event. "Randy wasn't the one that came up with Lesnar, that was the UFC's idea. It's surprising to me, shocking that they'd throw a guy in that's only had three fights in with someone like Randy. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He poses some interesting problems and that's what Randy is good at, is taking care of those problems. So he's no bigger or tougher than (Gabriel) Gonzaga or Tim Sylvia. I don't really know where that fight came from."

Mostly, Kim Couture sounded like she and her husband were just relieved that they don't have to go through a lawsuit with the UFC anymore.

"Negativity or conflict really bothers him," Kim Couture said. "I know that seems a little weird for being a fighter, but he's always really, really positive."

Listen to the audio of Kim Couture's interview below: