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Team USA, World win at 'M-1 Challenge Seoul'

Team USA and Team World claimed victories Saturday at M-1 Challenge 6 at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, Korea. Team World defeated Team Japan 4-1, while Team USA edged Team Korea 3-2.

M-1 Challenge, founded by Fedor Emelianenko's manager Vadim Finkelstein, follows the team format on an international scale.

Six weeks after making his M-1 Challenge debut, IFL veteran Jake Ellenberger is back with the promotion and notched his USA team another victory with a TKO over Seo Doo Won.

Ellenberger set up a double leg takedown on his opponent with Muay Thai knees to the body. Inside Seo's guard, Ellenberger ground and pounded, causing Seo's left eye to go completely shut. A disappointed Seo then saw the fight being called off at the request of the doctor.

Heavyweight Jeremiah Constant, a former Bodog Fight competitor, snapped a 3-fight losing streak with a easy win over Kim Ji Hoon.

Constant seized a leg early on and worked towards halfguard by peppering Kim with punches. Constant tried to straighten Kim's arm and was given side mount. Constant then climbed into full mount to finish the fight with a kimura.

David Gardner, who mostly fights in Southern California and Mexico, scored a first-round knockout over Kim Jang Yong.

Gardner approached Kim with a kick, jab, cross, sending the Korean to backtrack. Dodging a hook, Gardner returned the favor with a right hook that crumbled Kim.

In the main event, PRIDE veteran Roman Zentsov lost a rematch to Lee Sang Soo, tapping out to an armbar in the first round.

World Team def. Team Japan 4-1

- Daisuke Nakamura (Japan) def. Wim de Putter (World) via decision
- Norman Paraisy (World) def. Hidehiko Hasegawa (Japan) via decision
- Jordan Radev (World) def. Yuya Shirai (Japan) via decision
- Bruno Carvalho (World) def. Tatsuya Mizuno (Japan) via decision
- Stefan Struve (World) def. Yuji Sakuragi (Japan) via sub (triangle choke) - R1

Team USA def. Team Korea 3-2

- David Gardner (USA) def. Kim Jang Yong (Korea) via KO - R1
- Jake Ellenberger (USA) def. Seo doo Won (Korea) via TKO - R2
- Lim Hyuin Gyu (Korea) def. Brandon Magana (USA) via submission (armbar) - R2
- Na Mu Jin (Korea) def. Bryan Harper (USA) via TKO - R1
- Jeremiah Constant (USA) def. Kim Ji Hoon (Korea) via submission (kimura) - R1


- Park Won Sik def. Furdjel de Wind via decision
- Heo Min Seok def. Radmir Gabdullin via decision
- Lee Sang Soo def. Roman Zentsov via submission (armbar) - R1

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