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Tito Ortiz No Longer in UFC, but 'The Best Fights of My Career Are Still Ahead of Me'

Tito Ortiz is on tonight's edition of Inside MMA, and even though he's left the UFC and hasn't signed on with any other organization, he suggested that he plans to get back into the cage and have plenty more fights:

"The first time I'm a free agent in 11 years," Ortiz said. "It's an opportunity I've got to get some of the biggest fights of my career, still ahead of me. I'm only 33 years old. Randy Couture started his career at 33, so the sky's the limit for me. ... I still look forward for the next few years to have some powerful fights."

I like Tito and would like to see him fight again, but I most certainly do not believe that the best fights of his career are ahead of him. He'll turn 34 in January, and he hasn't won a fight since 2006. He's still a big name and an interesting personality, but he's no longer a great fighter.

Via MMA Junkie.

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