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Jackson: 'I was trying to save my friend's life'

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson says he was delirious and was trying to save a friend's life when he led the police on a chase in July.

Jackson was charged on Monday with felonies of evading while driving recklessly and evading a peace officer as well as misdemeanors of hit and run (3 counts) and driving recklessly. Jackson entered a not guilty plea Thursday.

Afterwards, Jackson sat down with reporter Rodney Hunt of the CBS-owned KCAL-TV in Los Angeles to speak in detail about the incident for the first time.

Jackson revealed that he had been depressed due to a betrayal.

"This person that betrayed me, was like family, like my best friend, and an employee of mine," Jackson told the station. "I trusted him with a lot of my finances, my financial things.

"I love his family, I still love him. I was just hurting so bad. It was like my father betraying me. And I moved to California, I have to no family out here. And I was the black sheep of my family, so anybody that knows: when they're my friend, they're my family. I treat them like family because that's what I always wanted.

"I needed family," Jackson continued. "This man, he was a Christian man, I was a born-again Christian before, and he came to me in the most vulnerable time in my career and life and said 'I'll take care of you, I'll watch out for you, cause we're the same: We're both Christians, both born-again Christians.'"

It is worth mentioning that while Jackson wouldn't name the friend, last month he parted ways with trainer and spiritual advisor Juanito Ibarra, a Born-again Christian well-documented for helping turn Jackson's career and life around.

Feeling betrayed, Jackson didn't sleep for three days prior to the incident. Jackson, reminded that a friend of his had passed in his sleep, was "scared to go to sleep" and in the early hours before the day of the arrest, consumed energy drinks to avoid falling asleep.

Jackson turned to the bible and spirituality, and after watching the Oprah-endorsed inspirational movie "The Secret," Jackson -- in his delirious state -- felt the need to reach out to another friend. On his frantic path to his friend's home was when Jackson struck cars and fled the police -- unknowingly he claims.

Jackson did admit that the rumors of him thinking that he was god were somewhat true.

"In my mind, I thought I was a god," Jackson said. "Cause I thought I was a son of god, so my father's a god, so I am a god too. So I was delirious to think that."

Early speculation suggested that his controversial title loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 ten days prior had something to do with the incident, but Jackson said there is no connection.

"I've lost before, I'm going to have to deal back to get the championship belt," Jackson said. "And with all due respect... I make more money [with a rematch]."

Jackson will face up to three years in jail if convicted.

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