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Can WEC Pull Off a Pay-Per-View?

WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres told me last week that he expects to fight WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber some day:

I wondered at the time whether a Torres-Faber fight would be on pay-per-view, and there are now indications that it would be. Kevin Iole of Yahoo reports that WEC is heading toward pay-per-view, perhaps as early as May. The single biggest fight that WEC could put together would be Torres vs. Faber.

But I don't think that fight would happen at the first pay-per-view show, mostly because if WEC is going the pay-per-view route, it doesn't want to shoot its wad at the very first show.

Zach Arnold of writes, "I love WEC. However, WEC PPVs at this time = no buys." I think he's basically right, but I also think WEC has a lot of room to grow into the kind of company that can succeed on pay-per-view. Faber and Torres are a couple of mixed martial arts stars in the making, and by next spring or summer, with the right marketing, they could be stars who can pull off a pay-per-view.

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