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Kenny Florian Talks Joe Stevenson at UFC 91, Says B.J. Penn Fight 'On the Horizon'

I think the UFC's top lightweight contender, Kenny Florian, is getting a bit of a raw deal right now, as he won't be getting a title show any time soon because lightweight champ B.J. Penn is moving up in weight class to fight Georges St. Pierre at welterweight. But Florian said on today's MMA Live that he doesn't mind having to beat Joe Stevenson at UFC 91 before he gets a title shot:

"It's great for me to stay busy and fight good opponents, especially when you have somebody like B.J. Penn on the horizon," Florian said. "I don't think I'm being dissed in any way. The key is to stay busy, to fight great opponents. ... My concern right now is Joe Stevenson."

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