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Frank Shamrock Says Ken Shamrock Has 10 Times Kimbo Slice's Ability: 'He Can Beat Him'

Ken Shamrock is a 5-1 underdog in his October 4 fight with Kimbo Slice, but one person who knows both fighters well is confident that Shamrock is going to win: His brother, Frank Shamrock.

Frank Shamrock is an EliteXC on CBS commentator (he might be calling that October 4 fight), and he tells Kevin Iole that Kimbo is nowhere near Ken's class:
"Ken has 10 times Kimbo's ability, so if he can get just 10 percent of that, and he's focused, he can beat him," Frank Shamrock said. "If not, he's going to get clubbed horribly upside the head and fall down, all scary looking."
Now, before you go assuming that it's simply the bond of brotherhood that causes Frank to say Ken is the vastly superior fighter, remember that Ken and Frank Shamrock are adopted brothers who didn't grow up together and don't much like each other. (There's actually a pretty good chance that Ken and Frank will fight each other some time in 2009.)

Mostly, Frank Shamrock's comments seem to stem from the simple fact that he doesn't have a lot of respect for Kimbo's skills as a mixed martial artist. Said Frank when told that EliteXC's Jared Shaw called Kimbo the best stand-up fighter on the planet:

"He's far from the best striker on the planet, in any combat sport. Striking is a finite art that takes some time to develop. You can look at his body and see he's not working on the art of punching."

There's no doubt that Kimbo has a lot of work to do. But I think Ken is so washed up that Kimbo can beat him even if he doesn't do that work.

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