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Dana White Won't Rule Out Tito Ortiz in UFC

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UFC President Dana White and former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz hate each other, but that doesn't mean they won't work together. The longer Ortiz goes without signing on with another mixed martial arts organization, the more I think that if he does fight again (instead of being a full-time dad), he's going to fight in UFC.

The latest example is White's interview with Sergio Non of USA Today in which he refuses to rule out the possibility that he and Ortiz could work together again:
Given what you guys said about each in the months leading up to his last fight, how realistic is to expect Tito to ever fight in UFC again?

Listen, me and Tito didn't say anything worse than what we said before he came back and became a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Tito and I do not like each other. We do not. It's 100% real, we don't like each other at all, but it doesn't mean we haven't done business together before.

So you have no problem putting aside personal feelings for business?

Sometimes. We did for a lot of years.
The bottom line, I believe, is that both White and Ortiz want to make money, and they can both make more money together than they can apart. I'm not sure that Ortiz even wants to put his body through the rigors of continuing to fight in MMA, but if he does, it may still be in UFC.

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