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Kimbo Slice Will Open as 5-1 Favorite Over Ken Shamrock

The news that Kimbo Slice will fight Ken Shamrock in a nationally televised mixed martial arts bout on October 4 has been greeted with derision by hard-core MMA fans who note that Shamrock is far past his prime.

How far past his prime? I asked the folks at the online betting site Bodog for the odds on the fight and was told that Kimbo will be a huge favorite when Bodog starts taking action next week.

"Our Bodog oddsmaker expects Kimbo to be about a 5-1 betting favorite when we open the line," said Richard Gardner, the manager of the Bodog sports book.

Kimbo has fought only three times and has yet to take on a significant opponent, while Shamrock is one of the legends of the sport. But Shamrock is a legend whose skills have diminished so much that EliteXC chose him for this fight specifically because they want Kimbo to fight someone he'll beat. Shamrock hasn't won a fight in four years and hasn't really looked impressive in 12 years. Even at 5-1 odds, I can't imagine many people putting money on Shamrock.

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