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Cris Cyborg-Yoko Takahashi Not Set for CBS, EliteXC Puts Fight on Undercard

I've previously written that I like the idea of having two women's fights on the October 4 EliteXC CBS show, but apparently that's not going to happen. Although the Gina Carano-Kelly Kobold fight will be one of the four featured in prime time network television, Five Ounces of Pain is reporting that the other women's fight, Cris Cyborg vs. Yoko Takahashi, is likely to be on the non-televised undercard. For those who don't know her, here's a look at Takahashi in action:

I like how she starts her fight by getting into a three-point stance and charging at her opponent, but with a 13-9 record, I just don't think Takahashi is good enough to challenge Cyborg, so maybe it's just as well that the fight won't be on CBS.