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WCL's Patrick Barry added to Strikeforce 'Payback'

Chuck Norris' World Combat League kickboxer and K-1 veteran Patrick Barry has been added to the Oct. 3 Strikeforce "Payback" at the Broomfield Events Center in Denver, Colorado. Barry will take on fellow K-1 kickboxer Andre Barry.

Barry (3-0) began his K-1 career in April 2005 and fought for the company until Dec. 2007. Along the way, Barry met up with Ernesto Hoost and trained under the K-1 legend until going full-time in Milwaukee with Muay Thai champion Jeff "Duke" Roufus. Barry rounds out his game training with UFC veteran Eric "Red" Schafer a Rousus' academy. In May of this year, Barry signed with the World Combat League and competed for the New York Clash.

"I started off in kickboxing with the goal of being the world's best kickboxer and, now, moving into MMA, I want to be the world's best kickboxer in MMA," Barry said. "MMA is turning into kickboxing in the cage, pretty much. That's just the way the sport has evolved."

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