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EliteXC Tells MMA Fans: If You Don't Know Kelly Kobold, Get on YouTube

Kelly Kobold will fight Gina Carano in the next EliteXC CBS show on October 4, and EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw tells Fight Hype, "Anybody that doesn't know Kelly Kobold needs to get on YouTube." As you wish, Jared:

That was Kobold defeating Adrienna Jenkins via a first-round submission last year.

Kobold has an impressive 16-2-1 record and has some impressive highlights on YouTube, although she has lost her last two fights. However, shouldn't EliteXC and CBS be doing more than just telling fans to go to YouTube to promote the Kobold-Carano fight? I didn't think EliteXC and CBS did enough to promote their last show, and the early indications are that they have a lot of work to do to promote their next show, too.

After the jump, an interview with Kobold.

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