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Combat USA 'Battle in the Bay 8' Report

The cage returned to the Green Bay area Friday as the Radisson Grand Ballroom at the Oneida Casino played host to Combat USA's "Battle in the Bay 8."

Photos from the event will be available soon.

In the main event of the evening, New Orleans transplant and former kickboxer Patrick Barry, who now trains and fights out of Roufusport in Milwaukee, squared off against Xtreme Couture fighter Simon Diouf, a kickboxer with over 60 victories himself, for the vacant National Combat Association Heavyweight belt. Barry landed punishing low kicks to eventually to win by TKO over Diouf, who was unable to continue.

In other bouts:

Kurt Suryk of Milwaukee, used a rear-naked choke to gain a victory over Jason Tunks of Jefferson at 0:37 of the third round.

Scott Seivewright of Milwaukee scored a first round victory over Bill Finn of Jefferson via guillotine choke.

Andy Vaughn of Green Bay used a standing guillotine to submit Drew Prochazka of Jefferson in round three.

Dan Bolden of Chicago connected on an overhand right that floored Adam Vanderveen of Milwaukee. After a brutal ground and pound attack, the referee stepped in ending the bout at 0:25 of the second round giving the win to Bolden via TKO stoppage.

Green Bay's Rob Monloch gained a hard fought victory over Jay Gould of St. Cloud, MN, when Gould could not answer the bell for the eighth round. The NCA, which sanctioned the fights, utilizes bouts with two-minute rounds varying in length from eight to twelve rounds. The fights are also restarted after a five count for inactivity in the clinch and on the ground in order to produce faster paced fights.

Morgan Sickinger of Appleton scored a victory at 0:44 of the sixth round when he cinched in a rear naked choke on Kenosha's Marco Daniels.

Green Bay's Tim Nixon defeated Milwaukee's Jay Ellis at 0:54 of the second round when Nixon's relentless low-kick attack which several times took Ellis off his feet sending him to the mat finally put him down mat for good with an injured knee.

In an exhibition bout billed as "David vs. Goliath," 185-pounder Tre Perkins of Green Bay was pitted against six-foot-eight inch, 287-pound Tim Hiltsley of Minneapolis. Immediately after the opening bell and without so much as the benefit of a slingshot, "David," Tre Perkins met Hiltsley in the center of the ring with a huge overhand right, dropping "Goliath" in his tracks. After landing a few shots to the fallen Hiltsley, Perkins quickly transitioned to an armbar forcing the big man to tap at 0:32 of the very first round.

The next Combat USA event is slated for September 27th at the North Star Casino in Bowler, WI.

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