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Martin Kampmann Interview: 'KO, round three'

In a division with Anderson "The Spider" Silva reigning supreme it's sometimes hard to notice anyone else. After all, The Spider certainly has been dominant. But as Silva readies for a UFC 90 bout with Patrick Cote, another fighter continues to impress at 185. That fighter's name is Martin "Hitman" Kampmann.

Kampmann's 13-1 overall MMA record, according to Sherdog, is only part of the story. The fact that he's rattled off four straight victories in the UFC over Crafton Wallace (rear naked choke), Thales Leites (decision), Andrew McFedries (arm triangle choke), and Jorge Rivera (guillotine choke) doesn't tell it all, either.

However, when you discover that Kampmann is a former Cage Warriors middleweight champion, FB-Submission Wrestling Tournament Champion, Battle of the Vikings Thai Boxing Superfight Champion, and Danish Thai Boxing Champion the tale on his well-roundedness begins to be told. You see, Kampmann can knock you out (six of his MMA victories have come by that route) or submit you (four of his MMA victories have come via those methods). In other words, he has the kind of skills that can land him victory in multiple ways in the Octagon, something that is sorely needed in order to have championship caliber success in the UFC these days.

Especially in a division with guys like Anderson Silva and Kampann's soon-to-be adversary at UFC 88, Nathan Marquardt.

Speaking of those two fighters, Kampmann managed to find time from his busy schedule to discuss both of them and more with's Robert Rousseau. Keep reading to find out what was said. How's training been going for you?

Martin Kampmann: Pretty good. Any training partners you've been putting in more time with than others over at Xtreme Couture?

Martin Kampmann: I try to work with everybody over there. We've got a group of a lot good guys. I try to work with as many people as I can. I know that you tore your ACL, LCL, and meniscus?you messed up a lot of stuff awhile back?and that caused two surgeries. How were you feeling coming into your recent win over Jorge Rivera?

Martin Kampmann: I felt good, man. Confident. What do you think of your opponent, Nathan Marquardt?

Martin Kampmann: I think he's very good and very well rounded. It should be a very good fight. He lost his last fight because of some fouls, kneeing a downed opponent and stuff like that. Does the fact that he was called for multiple fouls concern you at all?

Martin Kampmann: Not really. I think the knee of course was a bad foul but the elbow he did was maybe questionable. Then the pile driver and they didn't get anything for that. I think it evens out. I'm not concerned about him doing any fouls. That's the referee's job to make sure that's not going to happen. Without giving away too much of your game plan, is there any particularly obvious strategy you think Marquardt's going to bring into the cage against you?

Martin Kampmann: He's good in all areas. So I'm preparing to fight standing up (and) wrestling on the ground. He's one of those guys that you can't pick a weak spot because he's really good at everything. I'm preparing to fight wherever the fight goes. He is good all around. If you win this fight, how close do you think you'll be to a title shot?

Martin Kampmann: I don't know. We'll have to see. If I get the win maybe one more win and then the title shot. It depends on who they match me up with after this fight. First I have to get a win. That's my main concern right now. I know that this is conjecture in terms of it not happening right now. Still, I'm sure you've seen Anderson Silva. How do you think from a striking perspective you match up against someone like him?

Martin Kampmann: I think I could make a good fight. I think anyone can be beat on any given day and Anderson Silva too. Obviously, he's looked really, really good in all of his fights. Almost untouchable. But anyone can be beat, you know? Him too. He's got great stand up for sure. I'd go in there and fight him too. Do you have a prediction for this fight (against Nate Marquardt)?

Martin Kampmann: Me winning. KO, round three; that's my prediction. Do you have anything you'd like to say to the fans, Martin?

Martin Kampmann: Thanks for the support. Cheer for me at UFC 88. I'm looking forward to the fight. Keep supporting the sport.

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