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Kimbo Slice-Sean Gannon Rematch on CBS?

Before he decided to take up mixed martial arts, EliteXC heavyweight Kimbo Slice would brawl in backyards and basements, and the videos would get posted on YouTube and millions would watch.

The only one of those fights that Kimbo lost was to a Boston cop named Sean Gannon. Now it's looking like a Kimbo vs. Gannon rematch could take place, and this time the millions won't watch on YouTube, they'll watch live in prime time on network television.

Kimbo is scheduled to fight in EliteXC's show on October 4 on CBS, and Josh Gross of reports that Gannon is looking like his most likely opponent. Gannon fought once in the UFC and was thumped out by Branden Lee Hinkle, and after that the Boston Police Department told him he wasn't allowed to fight in MMA anymore. But if Gross's report is correct, either Gannon has convinced his bosses to let him fight, or has figured he can make enough money in MMA to risk losing his job.

I don't much like the idea of Kimbo vs. Gannon II, as I think it will be a rather boring fight between two guys who don't have much MMA skill. But for EliteXC it's all about getting as many viewers as they can while keeping Kimbo -- their meal ticket -- undefeated. I suppose for those criteria, Gannon is as good an opponent as anyone.

I don't recommend watching the first Kimbo-Gannon fight -- especially if you're at work -- but it's after the jump (with an assist from Kid Nate) for those who want to partake.

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