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Rashad Evans Expects 'A Straight-Out Brawl' With Chuck Liddell at UFC 88

Rashad Evans is undefeated in his mixed martial arts career, but he's never fought anyone as good as the guy he'll fight at UFC 88 on September 6, Chuck Liddell. Here's what Evans says he is looking for in that fight:

"He has a torn hamstring and is probably still sore, and at his age injuries like that become harder to heal," the 28-year-old Evans said of the 38-year-old Liddell. "I'm not going to go in there anticipating that his injury is still bothering him."

As for the kind of fight he expects to get, Evans said, "I see it just being a straight-out brawl, with us just going at it and getting after it.... Chuck is going to come in ready and I'm going to come in ready. He's going to see Rashad Evans no one has ever seen before."

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