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Patrick Cote on Anderson Silva at UFC 90: 'I Know My Face Will Be a Mess at the End'

I interviewed UFC middleweight Patrick Cote today about his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva, widely regarded as the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world:

"I expect a war," Cote said. "I know that my face will be a mess at the end of this fight, but I'm sure that I will be the winner. The pain will be not that bad if I have the belt around my waist."

I would have to assume that anyone fighting Silva would be scared heading into the fight, and Cote acknowledged that he will feel a little bit of fear -- but he indicated that the fear can be channeled so that it's beneficial.

"There's nobody that's not scared to fight. You can't tell me that. But it's not a bad scared," he said. "I'm the underdog, so I have nothing to lose in this fight. The pressure is not on me, it's on him."

Cote vs. Silva is the main event at UFC 90 on October 25 in Chicago.

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