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Miguel Torres Expects to Fight Manny Tapia on December 3, Urijah Faber Some Day

WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres, in downtown Chicago for a UFC 90 promotion, talked to me today about his future plans:

Torres said he expects to fight the undefeated Manny Tapia on December 3, he said he currently weighs 148 pounds, and has such a fast metabolism that he'd have a hard time moving up to a higher weight class, and he said he expects to fight WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber some day.

"I'm sure it's going to have to happen eventually," Torres said of a Faber fight. "Whether we fight at 135, 145 or even a catch weight, it'll happen eventually."

I hope Torres is right that it will happen eventually. A Torres-Faber fight would be a tremendous stylistic match-up, and by far the biggest fight in the history of the WEC. My only question: Would the fight be on Versus, which is usually the TV home for the WEC, or would a Torres-Faber fight go on pay-per-view?

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