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Imanari wins bantamweight title at DEEP 37

Putting behind his featherweight title loss in May to Dokonjonosuke Mishima, Masakazu Imanari was victorious Sunday for DEEP bantamweight belt at DEEP 37.

Imanari, arguably the most dangerous MMA fighter when it comes to leglocks, captured the belt in spectacular fashion at the Korakuen Hall with a heel hook in 29 seconds against Hiroshi Umemura, who walked into the ring undefeated in his last eight fights.

Imanari improved to 15-6-1 with his eleventh submission victory. Imanari is also the holder of the Cage Rage featherweight belt.

In a battle with the DEEP women's lightweight belt on the line, Miku Matsumoto retained by knocking out Misaki Takimoto at 4:40 of the second round.

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