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Live Blogging ShoXC: Suganuma vs. Hamman 2

Thanks for joining us on our live blog for the seventh ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series on Showtime. This installment pits the same main eventers from the last ShoXC on April 5that saw Po'ai Suganuma TKO Jared Hamman with a flying knee in 15 seconds.

Suganuma is out to prove that the win wasn't a fluke, while Hamman looks to put the controversial stoppage and first loss behind him.

Keep refreshing for updates.

205 lbs. - Po'ai Suganuma vs. Jared Hamman

R1: Hamman with two quick jabs. They waste no time getting the fight started. Suganuma takes side mount less than 30 seconds into the fight. Hamman scrambles up and eats two hard punches. Suganuma fights for the takedown but its Hamman with a whizzer and takes Suganuma's back. Suganuma puts Hamman on the mat. Suganuma begins to throw elbows. Suganuma stands up at 2:46. Suganuma misses a hard punch. Hamman fights back and Suganuma is in trouble. Hamman finishes Suganuma with hammerfists.

Jared Hamman wins via TKO - R1 (2:34)

160 lbs. - Fabricio "Morango" Camoes vs. Sam Morgan

R1: Morgan is rocking the Tank Abbott beard. Morgan hits three straight leg kicks. Morgan moves in with a two-punch combo and Camoes shoots in. Camoes slams Morgan down into full mount. Camoes takes Morgan's back and applies the rear-naked choke. Morgan taps. That's three consecutive tough losses for Morgan.

Fabricio Camoes wins via submission - R1 (0:47)

205 lbs. - Cyrille "The Snake" Diabate vs. Jaime Fletcher

R1: The 6-foot-6 Diabate has almost ten inches in reach advantage. Fletch ducks in for the clinch. They separate at 3:49. Fletcher tries to go inside again and is stopped. Fletcher lowers his level for another takedown and ends up in clinch. Diabate goes for a takedown and Fletcher goes for guillotine, which he eventually gives up. Diabate lands a kick. Diabate chases after Fletcher with strikes at the 1:25 mark. Fletch runs to avoid damage. Fletcher finishes a takedown with 26 seconds left. Fletcher looks for a heel hook but is out of time.

R2: Fletcher goes for a Superman punch but ends up taking a knee to the groin. Fletcher is giving some time to recover. Fight is back on and Diabate lands a knee. Diabate with a kick and two punches. Fletcher gets the takedown at 4:14. Diabate from halfguard works briefly for a kimura. Diabate puts Fletcher in guard at 3:30. Fletcher goes for a guillotine with the arm in. Diabate defends and ends up in scarf with 2:20 left. Fletcher turtles. Diabate drops left punches and elbows. Fletcher gets up. Fletcher immediately pulls back for a guillotine, but again, its Diabate on top in side control. Fletcher gives up his back and Diabate is back with left punches to the head and elbows to the body. Fletcher is just waiting for the round to end.

R3: Diabate with a kick, and Fletcher checks. Fletches goes for a kick to the body that is blocked. Diabate hurts Fletcher with shots. Diabate is obviously the better striker here but Fletcher is not going down without a fight. Fletcher's face is a mess. Fletcher shoots at 3:30 and ends up in clinch. Diabate has an overhook and lands punches to the body. Fletcher grabs a guillotine. Fletcher DDTs Diabate at the 2:24 mark. Fletcher still has the guillotine in closed guard, but releases at 1:51. Diabate ground and pounds Fletcher, whose face is covered in blood. Fletcher gives up his back to avoid the punishment. Diabate lands right elbows to Fletcher's back and then punches to ride out the round. Fletcher has a huge bump above his right eye.

Cyrille Diabate wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

130 lbs. - Debi Purcell vs. Rosi Sexton

EliteXC is introducing the women's 130-pound division with this bout between MMA pioneer Debi Purcell and Cage Warriors champion Rosi Sexton.

R1: Sexton jabs. Purcell responds with a punch combo and then clinches. Purcell throws knees battling Sexton for position. Sexton tries the double-leg but Purcell sprawls. Sexton keeps working for a takedown but finally gives up at 0:51. They separate at 0:39. They each nail a shot before clinching again. The round ends with missed and blocked punches.

R2: Purcell lands a kick. Sexton catches Purcell's next kick and clinches. They separate and Purcell lands a legkick. Sexton takes Purcell down from clinch at 2:17. Sexton drops punches to try to pass guard. Purcell pushes Sexton off with both feet, and they are back to their feet. Purcell lands a hard kick at a Superman-punch throwing Sexton. They clinch. Purcell trips Sexton down. Purcell hits two leg kicks and Sexton, who is in guard. This fight is proving that EliteXC's 3-minute rounds for women's bouts are too short and this round will be another difficult one for the judges to score.

R3: Purcell connects on a spinning back fist. They clinch. Purcell lands uppercuts and Sexton responds with a knee. They separate. Sexton jumps at Purcell and eats a punch. They go back to clinch. Sexton takes Purcell down, and then tries the cartwheel guard pass. Sexton steps over and Purcell grabs the leg for a submission, but doesn't have time to secure a solid attempt. Theres not too much to go by the entire fight and the decision can go either way...

Rosi Sexton wins via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

190 lbs. - Keith "KO Kid" Berry vs. Ray Lizama

Berry is the King of the Cage middleweight champion, but his belt won't be on the line in this bout contested under a catchweight of 190 pounds.

R1: Both fighters are content to keep it standing. Berry sends Lizama down with a right punch. Berry climbs on Lizama for a rear-naked choke. Lizama fights out but Berry throws down some hard shots in an attempt to set up the choke again. Lizama escapes with 1:03 left. They touch gloves out of respect. Both fighters swing away for the knockout.

R2: They jab to start. Lizama connects on punch combos. Berry turns it up adding knees to the mix. Lizama hurts Berry with overhand rights. Lizama goes for the finish with a barrage of lefts and rights. Berry's nose is bloody. Berry covers up and finally fights back at the 3:22 mark. Very sloppy, but fun slugfest. Lizama hits Berry with more overhand rights. Two shots to the body sits Berry down. The referee stops the fight.

Ray Lizama wins via TKO - R2 (2:16)

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