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UFC's Kenny Florian Explains Why He Won't Wait for B.J. Penn to Fight Georges St. Pierre

Coming off his win at UFC 87, Kenny Florian would seem to be the top contender to take on UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn. But Florian says on MMA Live that he wants to fight again soon, which means if Penn moves up to welterweight to fight Georges St. Pierre, he's content to fight someone else instead of Penn:

"I do not want to wait around for too long. I want to stay busy. I'm a fighter, I want to fight again before the year's end," Florian said. "I can't wait for B.J. that long. That would put me out for eight months at least. I do want to fight again. I want to fight another top guy. ... The fighter in me doesn't want to be left in limbo. The fan in me would love to see that fight, to be honest, Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn."

It's classy of Florian to say that, but I tend to think that if Penn is going to move up to welterweight, he should have to vacate his lightweight title. If Florian does fight another lightweight while Penn is up at welterweight, they should make Florian's next fight a title fight -- and make Penn the top lightweight contender when and if he moves back down.

Note: Despite some talk in the blogosphere that ESPN will be taking MMA Live off the internet and putting it on TV, sources in Bristol tell me that there are no such plans.

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