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Fedor Emelianenko interested in Couture, Lesnar

Fedor Emelianenko greeted fans Tuesday at the new Affliction store in Los Angeles, California. Raw Vegas was on hand to interview the WAMMA heavyweight champion.


  • Said he's interested in fighting Randy Couture to keep competing in the highest level and to reward fans who have supported the sport.
  • Said he has never said anything to insult UFC President Dana White. It's White's problems and he can go on living with whatever issues he has.
  • Said he likes Brock Lesnar very much. Although Fedor hasn't seen too much of Lesnar's fights, Fedor sees that Lesnar is very strong physically and is someone with a bright future and a lot potential. Lesnar is a fight Fedor would be interested in and Lesnar would definitely be a worthy opponent.
  • Doesn't think about anything before a fight. Frees himself of any emotion and thoughts that would complicate things. Paces back and forth to keep the blood flowing and not to get stagnant.

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