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Angry Tito Ortiz Fan Rips UFC President Dana White: 'F--- You, Dana'

UFC holds question-and-answer sessions with fans at all of its events, and at the Q&A before UFC 87 last week, things got a little rowdy when a female fan profanely ripped UFC President Dana White for his critical comments about former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz:

"Now that Tito's gone, why do you need to talk s--- about him?" the fan asked. "Why don't you just let it be, why don't you be classy?"

When White made a joke suggesting that the comment came from Ortiz's girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, the fan yelled, "F--- you , Dana."

For his part, White said, "Tito needs to fight in one of these other organizations because he can't win a fight in the UFC." Ouch.

Via Steve Cofield.

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