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Brock Lesnar: 'I've Been Working on Everything ... I've Got to Keep Evolving'

After his dominant performance at UFC 87, Brock Lesnar spoke to the media, and he explained just how seriously he's taking his approach to mixed martial arts:

"I've been working on everything, not just the right hand." Lesnar said. "We broke Heath Herring down, and that's the advantage we had in our camp. Heath didn't have any footage on me and we had everything on him."

That dedication to film study helped Lesnar formulate the right game plan, but he said he's not yet the fighter he wants to be.

"I've got to keep evolving," Lesnar said. "This fight is in the record books already, and I've got to turn the page."

I was skeptical of Lesnar in the past, but no longer. He obviously still has work to do on his jiu jitsu, but he has the athletic ability to be a great MMA heavyweight, and he seems to have the work ethic as well.

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