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Frank Mir Calls Brock Lesnar: 'A Phenomenal Athlete ... A Scary, Scary Individual'

About six minutes into the latest episode of MMA Live, Frank Mir makes some interesting comments about his last UFC opponent, Brock Lesnar, who will fight on Saturday night at UFC 87:

Calling Lesnar one of the best opponents he's faced, Mir said, "First and foremost, he's a phenomenal athlete." Mir added that Lesnar's walking around weight of 285 or 290 pounds is unheard of for a fighter who has the quickness Lesnar possesses: "This guy really is a scary, scary individual."

Mir made an interesting point about the way Lesnar is developing, noting that most fighters start out in MMA with day jobs and train on the side, while Lesnar has the resources to make MMA his full-time job.

Mir obviously thinks highly of Lesnar, but I expect Lesnar to fall to 0-2 against Heath Herring Saturday night.

I'll be live blogging UFC 87 here at FanHouse.

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