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Rampage Jackson Appears With Dana White, Says He's 'Not Crazy'

UFC is posting videos to YouTube every day this week, documenting President Dana White's preparations for UFC 87. This video is bizarre, to say the least:

At about the 3:30 mark, White and Rampage Jackson appear together, seated at a table, joking about Rampage's watch. That is the first Rampage appearance since he was arrested last month after he sideswiped a car and led a police on a chase. Shortly after that arrest he was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation, and this week it was reported that the woman whose car he hit suffered a miscarriage.

Rampage said "I'm not stupid," and then White added, "and not crazy."

To which Rampage replied, "Not crazy. People think it. Delirium is not crazy."

Rampage then added, "I want all my fans to know, thank you for the support. Rampage will be back. I got new trainers ... my next opponent, you best watch out."

Rampage and White seemed jocular, and while I'm glad to see Rampage looking like his normal, happy self, I'm not sure it's such a good idea for Rampage to be making appearances like this. I'd advise him to keep a low profile.

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