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A&E 'Biography' on Randy Couture premieres tonight

A&E's Emmy-award winning "Biography" documentary series will profile UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture this Wednesday, August 6 at 10pm ET on the Biography Channel.
A&E "Biography" Program Description:
He's the five-time champ of America's fastest growing sport. His fights sell out arenas and millions of fans in 36 countries worldwide tune in to telecasts weekly and pay top dollar for exclusive pay-per-view events. He's Randy Couture: the Ultimate Fighting Champion. The simple title belies the near inhuman strength it has taken to kick, choke and claw his way to the top of professional fighting. From early days on his high school wrestling team to the Army and Olympics, this Washington native has built a career on years of training--perfecting his signature style referred to as the "ground and pound." Losses on and off the mat take their toll, but also drive Couture to cement his title as "the best fighter of all time."'s own Robert Rousseau was taped last November for this episode.

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