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Villa upsets Fickett at Rage in the Cage 113

UFC veterans Alberto Crane and Drew Fickett on Saturday helped headline in separate bouts the Arizona-based Rage in the Cage's debut in New Mexico.

In front of an official attendance guestimate of over 3,000 at the Santa Ana Star Center in Albuquerque, Fickett was surprisingly defeated by a far less accomplished Richard Villa. Put on his back from a right hand early in the second round, Fickett was ground and pounded until the referee called a stop to the bout at 34 seconds.

The other UFC vet, Alberto Crane managed to avoid the upset by snapping a two-fight losing streak with a guillotine choke submission over Adrian Valdez at 1:35 of the first round.


Amateur Bouts

1. Jacob Tosh def. Elloy Hermosillo via KO - R1 (0:22)
2. Joel Garvin def. Vincent Robuck via KO - R1 (0:34)
3. Paul Gonzales def. Ramon Altamirano via submission (RNC) - R1 (1:10)
4. William Kight def. Adam Barela via submission (RNC) - R1 (1:21)
5. Isaiah Reyes def. Salim Smaji via TKO - R1 (0:58)
6. Juan Reyes def. Jesse Saiz via TKO (strikes) - R3 (1:03)
7. Rudy Tafoya def. Jerry Alderete via unanimous decision
8. Darryl Ortega def. Mike Zanski via unanimous decision

Professional Bouts

9. Josh Lanier def. Josian Smith via submission (anaconda choke) - R1 (0:34)
10. Quinn Mulhern def. Blue Edwards via submission (triangle choke) - R2 (0:50)
11. Travous Degroat def. Robert Montiel via TKO - R1 (1:02)
12. Eric Saavedra def. Jeff Horlacher via submission (anaconda choke) - R2 (0:41)
13. Ryan Kelly def. Jerome Martinez via unanimous decision
14. Richard Hale def. Jeremiah Martinez via KO - R1 (1:01)
15. Rafael Freitas def. Eric Buck via submission (RNC) - R1 (1:35)
16. Dickie Chavez def. Marcino Wilson via DQ (illegal strike) - R1 (1:12)
17. Mike Valdez def. Carlos Lopez via TKO (strikes) - R1 0:22)
18: Zack Matthews def. Mano Otero via submission (RNC) - R2 (2:47)
19. Danny Martinez def. Philipe Chavez via submission (RNC) - R1 (2:07)
20. Jenn Babcock def. Rachel Megahan via submission (armbar) - R1 (0:53)
21. Richard Villa def. Drew Fickett via TKO (strikes) - R2 (0:34)
22. Alberto Crane def. Adrian Valdez via submission (guillotine choke) - R1 (1:35)

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