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Mixed Martial Arts Becomes Legal in Tennessee Tomorrow

The state of New York, despite much talk, hasn't moved any closer to legalizing mixed martial arts. Earlier today, MDS told you that Delaware, a small state but still a state, looks like it is moving toward an outright ban on the sport. Happily, not all states are still stuck on the outdated and incorrect "human cockfighting" label that detractors use against the sport.

A law legalizing and regulating MMA will become law in Tennessee tomorrow.

Another measure that takes effect Tuesday will legalize and regulate mixed martial arts fights in Tennessee through the creation of a Tennessee Athletic Commission.

Gov. Phil Bredesen's approval came despite concerns over a provision to require half of any money beyond that needed to operate the commission go toward grants to NCAA Division I wrestling programs.

I'll admit to not having followed the Tennessee legislature all that closely but I'm not sure why that last bit is such a bad thing. Wrestling programs tend to be strapped for cash at most universities because they don't generate much revenue, a helping hand doesn't seem like the worst thing.

Good for Tennessee. There's revenue to be gained from states willing to play host to MMA events and absolutely no sense being made by states that regulate and allow boxing while turning up their noses at it.

(H/T Bloody Elbow)

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