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Delaware State Rep Wants Ban on MMA, Calls It a Reincarnation of Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Although mixed martial arts has made great strides this decade in achieving mainstream acceptance, the sport still has a long way to go. Here's what Delaware state Rep. Robert J. Valihura Jr. told the Delaware News Journal after he introduced legislation that would ban "combative fighting" in Delaware.
"The safety of the individual is the concern," said Valihura, the bill's primary sponsor. "We intended to outlaw bare-knuckle boxing matches at the turn of the [20th] century. This seems a reincarnation [of that]."

Safety of the individual is a valid concern, but this legislation, which lumps MMA in with Toughman contests, seems misguided. As the Delaware News Journal article notes, studies have shown that boxing is actually more dangerous than MMA. Delaware should regulate MMA, not ban it.

Via Fight Opinion.

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