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Shinya Aoki: The Top Fighters Are All in the US; I Want to Defeat Them and Believe I Can

The Japanese mixed martial arts organization Dream doesn't get any mainstream media attention in the United States, but hard-core American fans have followed the Dream lightweight tournament that has been going on for the last few months.

Shinya Aoki, especially, has drawn attention from American fans, and there are indications that he may soon fight on American soil. The blog Suki MMA, which translates Japanese MMA articles into English, has a blog post Aoki wrote, and this paragraph is particularly interesting:
The top fighters I consider are all in the U.S. now. I want to defeat them and I believe I can do it. I have confidence becoming a No.1 fighter. I will be a top fighter with my techniques and in my way.
Aoki refers to "the top fighters," plural, but there's one particular fight a whole lot of fans would love to see, Aoki vs. UFC lightweight champ B.J. Penn. It sure sounds like Aoki is interested. Let's hope Penn and Dana White are, too.

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