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Ultimate Fighter Finale: Amir Sadollah Won the First Time, but Everyone Picks C.B. Dollaway

Here's a look at Amir Sadollah and C.B. Dollaway talking about their fight tonight in the finale of The Ultimate Fighter:

Thanks to the unprecedented situation with Jesse Taylor getting kicked out of UFC after earning a spot in the Ultimate Fighter finale, Dollaway got into the finale even though he lost to Sadollah in the semifinals.

And yet even though it was Amir who won the first time and C.B. who took the back door into the finale, just about everyone thinks C.B. is going to win tonight. C.B. is the betting favorite and a nearly unanimous pick among the experts I've seen.

Although I'm sure Amir is using that fact as motivation, frankly, C.B. is the favorite for the very simple reason that he's just a better fighter. Yes, he left himself exposed for an arm bar the first time they fought, but prior to that he was controlling the fight. At the start of the season C.B. had the best credentials of any member of the Ultimate Fighter cast, and I'll be very surprised if he isn't The Ultimate Fighter when it's all over tonight.

We'll be live blogging tonight's finale here at FanHouse.

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